Team Phoenix Robotics OKC

MicroMouse Update

February 11, 2011
In checking into things with the APEC MicroMouse competition, I've learned that, according to David Otten, a professor at MIT, the chairman of the APEC MicroMouse competition, and a major fan of MicroMouse competitions worldwide, no team has ever entered a LEGO Mindstorms-based robot that has successfully navigated its way to the center of the maze.  It's never been done before.

Looks like Team Phoenix is going to make history!

No Meeting Again!

February 8, 2011
OK, so we didn't have the meeting last Friday like we thought.

AND ONCE AGAIN Oklahoma's weather is not going to cooperate with us; the forecasts are calling for the freezing rain, sleet and snow to start up once again by the evening rush hour tomorrow, Feb. 8th.  So, once again, in the interests of safety, there will not be a meeting of Team Phoenix Robotics tomorrow.  Friday's regularly-scheduled meeting is still on, however.

New Hope Christian Church, where we meet, now has a snow-clearing s...
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Friday Feb. 4th Meeting is On

February 4, 2011
I've just returned from a trip around the southwest side, and road conditions are not all that bad, though far from ideal, of course. 

We also are up against a time limit with the APEC MicroMouse competition, which is March 7th.  While we've got our robot designed and built, and a sample maze partially complete, that's only about 25% of the total task we've got to do.  The big challenge now is programming--designing and creating a program that will enable our robot to successfully navigate it...
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Feb. 1st Meeting Cancelled

February 1, 2011
Due to the impending snow storm / blizzard, this Tuesday's meeting is cancelled.  At this time we plan to meet on Friday the 4th as scheduled.
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