OK, just a quick update . . . I'll have to post a more in-depth update later.

First off, the APEC MicroMouse contest went great! We didn't win, though; our entry was sort of like a '62 Chevy pickup entered in the Monaco Grand Prix.  Still, it was a lot of fun, and we managed to impress the world-class competition with our robot and our extremely limited programming experience.

We're also getting ready to attend (but not compete, not this year, anyway) in the FIRST Robotics Challenge (FRC) competition in Oklahoma City's Cox Convention Center this weekend.  The competition starts Friday and runs through Saturday.  The field looks pretty good; there's 52 teams registered, and this year only 4 are from out of state (last year the finals were dominated by out-of-state teams).  FRC is a pretty high-level competition (though still several steps below MicroMouse) but it's geared to primarily high school teams (like us) that are fairly well-funded (unlike us, at least not yet).

We're also in the process of formally organizing and probably becoming incorporated, all part of becoming a formal non-profit organization.  Once that's in place, we plan to start looking for grants and sponsors to help us expand our skills and build our futures!